April 3, 2020

No Talking Heads, Just Talking Hoops

Episode 10: Conference Heavyweights, Denver Offense Rejuvenated, and OKC’s Dynamic December

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Happy New Year from The Fullcourt Press! In this episode, I get you caught up with our conference contenders current status (1:43 LAC/6:42 LAL/12:26 MIL/16:45 PHIL), do a deep-dive on the Nuggets offensive improvement, their roster construction, and the way the might need to tackle the rest of this season (22:41). I also highlight the startling month the Thunder quietly put up, how this impacts their season, and my thoughts on their future outlook and how to handle it (31:15). Finally, I end with a new segment I call The Fantasy Five (37:14)

I also just want to highlight that I don’t hate Philadelphia or Ben Simmons, this team just frustrates me greatly and I somehow find a way to talk about how infuriating they are every podcast. Subscribe and read feature articles! Like my page on Facebook!

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