April 3, 2020

No Talking Heads, Just Talking Hoops

Addressing Last Night

Last night, the NBA entered what league-officials have termed a “Hiatus” after a bizarre turn of events prior to OKC and Utah tipping off at 8:30 EST.

This was unarguably the most perplexing night of my life that I’ve witnessed at such a mass scale.

I’m not naive, you almost definitely know as much as I do about what’s going on. But, I really just want to talk about Rudy Gobert; not about him as a basketball player, but as a human being.

The hate, criticism, aggression, and overall bashing he is receiving from the public is fucking deplorable. To blame him for the NBA season being cancelled is wrong. The “jokes” which are in most cases hateful, are wrong. The fact that people are calling him out at all is mindblowing.

This is not a blame game. Rudy cannot control contracting the virus anymore than I can control the fucking weather. This was going to happen to the NBA one way or another, and Gobert had the misfortune of being player 0. This is not anyone’s fault. To blame someone for a national crisis based off of a string of tweets is crazy.

Could he have handled himself better? Most definitely, but I wasn’t there and you weren’t there. So stop going off on Twitter out of context. It’s easy to sit back in your recliner 750 miles away and say “What a fucking dumbass! He just shut down the league! I wouldn’t have done that!”

People do crazy/weird shit when they’re freaked out. Thrusting all of this blame onto him is just unfair.

Stop. Stop buying into this, because if you were in his role, my god you’d be in the midst of a nightmare.

Stay safe, wash your hands, stop tweeting out dumb shit, and have a fucking heart.

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